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The Captain has collected some of the more regular questions that readers ask. Please read these before emailing him.

Questions about Greece
Questions about naturism in Greece
Questions about naturism in Cyprus and Turkey
Questions about naturism generally
Questions about this site

About Greece

Q: Which islands are the best for holidays / have good sightseeing; when are the festivals; other features?

A: The Captain, although a regular visitor to Greece, has not set out to collect this kind of information because it is widely available in ordinary travel guides. Large numbers of web sites about individual islands are springing up on the Web, too. A good place to find them is the Greek Indexer.

About naturism in Greece

Q: Which islands are best for naturism?

A: Naturism is practised widely in the Greek Islands. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes and saying which is best could only be a matter of personal preference. Bear in mind that the situation can change according to the season: in some places naturism is less common in high season.

Q: How do I visit a nude beach in Greece?

A:  Follow the Captain's 4-point guide to visiting a nude beach in Greece:

  1. Find a suitable beach.
  2. Take off your clothes.
  3. Er ...
  4. That's it.

If you think you need more guidance, the people at have put together some guidance on how to visit a nude beach in Greece aimed at first-timers - it even specifies "difficulty level - average; time required, 2 hours." Don't be put off! The Captain's rating: difficulty level - 0; time required - as long as possible, preferably at least 2 weeks!

Q: Is nudism legal in Greece?

A: Strictly speaking only in the (few) officially designated nudist beaches. One occasionally hears tales of beach invasions by the tourist police with sunbathers being dragged off to the cells and fined heavily. In practice, however, there are large numbers of beaches which, by custom, have become adopted as nudist beaches. The Greeks turn a blind eye and, in many cases, actively encourage nudists who do, after all, contribute significantly to the tourist market and thus to the local economy. There are also large numbers of deserted places where naturism may be practised safely. The best advice is to be sensible. Avoid beaches which are overlooked by roads or houses. Bear in mind that the character of beaches may change according to the day of the week (the Athenians flock to the islands at weekends) and according to the season (huge numbers of textiles invade the islands in high season). Be sensitive to the locals and, above all, do not offend.

Q: Where can I find a naturist hotel?

A: The Captain knows of only one operating naturist hotel in Greece, to be found on the Southern Crete page. However, there are one or two other nudist resorts springing up.  You can read about them on my Links page, here.

Q: Where can I find accommodation near to a naturist beach?

A: It is not the aim of this site to collect information about accommodation since there are plenty of guide books which serve that purpose. But most towns and villages have hotels and rooms to rent and with the exception of the more remote beaches if you find somewhere you love it should be quite easy to find somewhere to stay nearby, especially outside the peak of the season.

Q:  Why are some islands not included in the Guide?

A: Not all Greek islands have established or reputed naturist beaches.  But the fact that an island does not appear in the Guide does not mean there would be nowhere to enjoy nude sunbathing or swimming, it simply means that the Captain does not have any reports.  

About neighbouring countries

Q: Any information about naturist beaches in Cyprus?

A: Naturist beaches in Cyprus are rare; however the Captain now has some information - click here to see it. Cyprus has many attractions but if naturism is your priority the Captain advises you to stick with the Greek Islands.

Q: Any information about naturist beaches in Turkey?

A: Turkey is an increasingly popular holiday destination and has many beach resorts. It is, however, an Islamic country and covering up is the rule. Away from the tourist areas, women (in particular) should dress modestly and avoid bare legs or shoulders. There are, so far as we are aware, no naturist beaches and practising naturism there is risky.

About naturism generally

Q: What should I wear on a naturist beach?

A: High factor sun cream.

Q: I'd be embarrassed to take my clothes off in public.

A: Most people soon get over any embarrassment and come to realise how wonderful it feels to sunbathe and swim without a costume. Have a look at "Why go naked?" and explore some of my naturist links for more information and guidance.

Q: Don't nude beaches attract gawpers?

A: It cannot be denied that some do. They are mercifully few in Greece, however, and naturists are generally left in peace. The Captain cannot imagine what gawpers are so fascinated about. Perhaps they don't know what naked people look like and so have to go to the nudist beach to find out.

Q: What about photographs on nude beaches?

A: Genuine naturist photographs can be wonderful souvenirs; but, understandably, people with cameras are the object of suspicion, especially when they have long lenses. Generally speaking the best thing to do with your camera is leave it in your room. If you want to use a camera, be discreet; keep it carefully pointed at yourselves or at the landscape rather than at other people unless you have their consent; above all be careful not to offend.

Q: Are there rules of naturist etiquette?

A: Greek island beaches can be wild and natural places where there is no supervision.  Nonetheless, please remember we are guests in another country and you should do nothing to cause offence either to local people or to other users of the beach.  The Captain does occasionally, unfortunately, hear stories of naturists who have confused the beach with their bedrooms.  Please use your common sense.  Inappropriate behaviour could lead to naturists being expelled.

About this site

Q: Why are there no maps?

A: There are a few maps now ... however adding maps is a long term aim. Some pages also have links to Google Maps including satellite imagery.  Finding copyright free maps is difficult and drawing them myself is likely to be very time consuming and not necessarily very productive ...

Q: Who are you, Captain, and why do you keep this site?

A: I've been a naturist for over 25 years and learned to love it during reguolar holidays in Greece.  I'm a fully paid up member of  BN but tend to be a beach and back garden, rather than a club, naturist. I have been visiting Greece regularly with my female partner for nearly 30 years. I keep the site because I think it important to encourage genuine naturists to keep visiting Greek naturist beaches so that they do not lose their character.

Q: Do you go barefoot, since you are called Captain Barefoot?

A: If I can't be naturist, and the weather is warm enough, then yes, I like to be barefoot.  Have a look at my Going Barefoot page for some entertaining links.



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