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The Captain welcomes photographs submitted by email for use on the site. Photographs add colour as well as being informative. The Captain is extremely grateful to the many contributors who have provided some wonderful photographs for the site.

Photos can now be submitted directly, provided you are a site member.  Joining is quick, easy and free. Joining is quick, easy and free - presumably you'll have done it already.  Click here to join. You should first read the Wkidot privacy policy.

Submitting photos is easy provided you remember two important rules, one practical, and one which is part of the rules of our host.

1.  Do not include any spaces in the file name.  For example: "nudist beach.jpg" will not work, but "nudist_beach.jpg" will. 

2.  Because of Wikidot terms and conditions, and yes, I know this is a naturist site, please do not include explicit images of frontal nudity.

That doesn't mean we can't use any pictures of nude people.  There are plenty on the site which capture the essence of naturism without breaking the rules.  A few examples appear on this page.  However the Captain will not publish photographs of identifiable naked people which appear to have been taken furtively. Also, the Captain sometimes receives photographs which have been retouched, either to conceal the identity of the person or persons depicted, for example by a bar across the face, or to cover parts of the body of the person depicted. The Captain does not consider either of those to be genuine naturist photographs and will not use them. Remember, edits can be reversed - and pictures will be removed if the site owner or moderators consider that an entry is inappropriate.

Please note, for copyright purposes, that by submitting photographs you impliedly give me the right to publish all or part of them.

For more advice about cameras on nude beaches see my FAQs/About Naturism Generally.

How to upload and publish photographs

Log in, and go to the page where you want to add the photo by selecting an island from the index. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find a series of links like this:

Click on "Files", then click "Upload a file from your computer", then "Select files".  You can then browse files on your computer and select the one you wish to upload.

Once that is done, click Edit, and you should see an editing panel like this:

Scroll to the point where you want to insert the photo.  Then click the Insert Image Wizard button (circled).  Select "attached file", and then select your picture from the list.  You can also resize it, and set its alignment (left, centre, right, floating left and floating right).  If you choose "floating left" or "floating right", text will appear to the left or the right of the image.

Then click "Save", and sit back and admire your photo on Cap'n Barefoot's Naturist Guide.


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