Why Greece?

If you're a naturist and are reading these pages with that interest in mind the answer will be pretty obvious.

But few will want to spend every waking hour flaked out in the sun.  The Greek Islands offer an enormous variety of different kinds of holidays with the feel of the place differing markedly from one island to the next. If you're into lively night life, fish and chips, cheap lager and being surrounded by hundreds of Brits, Corfu will surely suit. If (like me) you prefer quiet places where you can simply relax and forget about the pressures of everyday life, the smaller islands and hidden parts of the larger ones such as Crete will undoubtedly have something to offer for you. The Islands are surely the ideal place just to switch off.

When to go

Bear in mind that it gets HOT. July and August will often see temperatures well over 30 celsius; they are also the busiest times. Some islands can become very crowded at such times. However it's also the easiest time to travel between islands as extra ferries operate during the peak season.

In June and September temperatures in the mid 20s celsius can be expected, and it's much less crowded. It is possible to see the odd rainy day towards the end of September, especially in the Ionian and the more northerly islands. In Crete and Rhodes, however, good weather can be expected well into October - but don't be surprised if it's sometimes windy.

May is a nice month to travel; however it is still warming up and the temperatures can be relatively cool.

The time of your visit may have a marked effect on the naturist possibilities. Some acknowledged nudist beaches become mainly textile during peak season but revert to their more natural state early and late in the season.

Package holidays

Package holidays are many and various, although with the increasing popularity of Turkey some of the big holiday companies are cutting back on Greece. Some will take you to quieter destinations but the majority of packages lead to islands with a direct air connection and no further. The advantages are that you know where you're going and you don't have to carry the money to pay for a hotel. You usually have a local rep to rely on for information and guidance.

Independent travel

A very practical alternative, especially to the quieter destinatons and outside the peak season (although the author has never had any trouble). These days it's easy to book a no-frills flight online and a little research in advance will provide you with information about domestic flights in Greece (best booked in advance as they tend to fill up), ferries and hydrofoils. When you arrive at your chosen island destination there will typically be numerous hoteliers at the port all keen to rent rooms to you. They'll be happy to take you, either by foot or by car or minibus, to look. Rooms can vary in quality, and if you've got fixed ideas about the quality of room you want you may need to be firm. Travelling as a couple, we find that the best technique is for one to go, whilst the other settles in a taverna for a drink and looks after the bags. That way there's no embarrassment about leaving the room if you don't like it.

This way is generally cheaper than a package holiday; you can move around freely if you wish and I would highly recommend it.



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