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Captain Barefoot's Naturist Guide has been online since 1996.  Until March 2006 it sat quite happily on Yahoo/Geocities-hosted website until it disappeared without notice.  It relaunched a few days later with two distinctive domain names: barefoot.info and capnbarefoot.info.  The opportunity was taken to introduce a substantial and much-needed modernisation and redesign aimed at making it easier to read and navigate. 

In 2009 the islands pages were relaunched again as a Wiki, designed to merge seamlessly with the homepage and the features page of the old site.  

Some of the material on the site is quite old, and arguably of historical value only (and feedback is mixed about whether it shoudl remain or removed altogether).  

Small beginnings

The Naturist Guide to the Greek Islands was launched in January 1996 as a regular posting to the newsgroup uk.rec.naturist, but graduated to the Web in July the same year. Its original title was "Ed's Naturist Guide to the Greek Islands" but was re-named "Cap'n Barefoot's Naturist Guide" a few months later. Since 1996 it has expanded to the substantial site it is today. View one of the very first postings of the complete Guide  - but remember it is very much out of date!

Ed's Naturist Guide

Parts of the Geocities-hosted site is preserved on the Wayback Machine in numerous different versions, including a version from 1999 until February 2006, a matter of days before it was removed without notice by Yahoo. 

The redesign in 2006 and 2007 meant saying goodbye to some familiar clipart that had featured on every page for almost a decade, some of which is preserved on this page. 


The site is aimed at filling a gap in the widely available information about beaches suitable for naturism. In the early 1980s a book named the "Sunseeker's Guide" was published, giving detailed information about the Greek Islands and the naturist beaches to be found there. It has not been republished. Other guide books to Greece tend to mention naturism in passing, if they do at all, and some (such as the Rough Guide) are somewhat discouraging. No up to date specialist naturist guide book to Greece now exists (the general ones such as the INF guide tend to be very general and provide little detail) and so far as the Captain is aware this site is the most comprehensive listing anywhere.

The Captain wants to ensure that this kind of information remains available to the naturist community. If naturists know where to find nude beaches they will continue to use them, and help stem the textile tide.

In its Wiki form the site is intended to form a tool for the naturist community.  The Captain is not in a position (because of work and other commitments) to update the site as regularly as he would like and this allows genuine naturists the opportunity to do so.


The information on the site is provided by naturists who kindly provide reports of locations suitable for nude sunbathing and swimming in Greece. The Captain himself has also visited a fair number - but by no means all - of these sites and although contributions concerning many beaches have been confirmed by repeated reports, their nature can change from year to year and from season to season, and their continued suitability cannot be guaranteed.


The Captain has started to compile a lost beaches archive, reproducing some picturesque reports on one-time naturist beaches that have now been lost to the textile hordes.

Comments or contributions are welcome using the Beach Report Page. (However, the right is reserved to edit them for length or clarity - or simply to fit them in with the existing material).


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