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Links about Greece

In addition to the links below there are now lots of sites featuring individual islands.

The Greek Indexer
This site has a vast number of links to other Greek information resources

Greek Travel Pages - includes a comprehensive guide to Greek domestic sea schedules - essential information for any Greek island hopper

Greek Island - a support page for the excellent guide book "Independent Traveller's Greek Island Hopping" by Frewin Poffley. The guide book itself - which the Captain highly recommends - is kind enough to quote this site in its list of internet links, but try as I might I have not been able to get the link updated to - Very colourful site with lots of information.  The most popular and comprehensive travel guide to Greece! Also the biggest Greece directory with travel related sites. - colourful and comprehensive site with lots of information about many Greek islands, including travel, hotels, car hire and beaches - well worth a visit.

Olympic Airways - the OA homepage includes timetable information for domestic flights between Athens and the Islands

The Hellas Home Page - a Hellenic page with lots of local and cultural information

Greek - very neatly assembled collection of photographs and reflections designed to reflect the natural and cultural landscapes of Greece, and the physical beauty that makes the country unique, which the site owner hopes can bring the magic to those who cannot be there.

Greek Islands Postcards - Billed as tourist survival guides to the Greek Islands, this excellent online guide covers 28 islands and includes a wealth of other information too.

Images of Greece - Originally conceived as a site for showing photographs taken on the Webmasters' Greek holidays, this nicely put together site has become a colourful island guide or travelogue.  

New 2 Greece, a new site created by a pair of Greece lovers; very much under construction when the captain surfed in but shows great promise.

Interkriti, a very comprehensive web space provider with lots of information about Crete, including an aerial tour!

Skiathos Information Services - This site includes a tour of the island with photographs and links to information pages for Skyros and Skopelos.

Information about Naxos Stelios Lazaris has put together a colourful and appealing introduction to the island.

About Sifnos Island - Part of a colourful and comprehensive site with lots of information about the Greek Islands - Travellers guide, with map, photos, accommodation choices, general information, and useful links.  The site is based on one of the largest resorts in Corfu.

Island strolling in Greece - a colourful page with lots of information and photographs of Greek islands, and about 1,750  recently-updated links to Greek Island subjects.

Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece
Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece - provides information about the conservation of sea turtles, the responsibilities of those using beaches (notably in Zakynthos and Crete) where turtles nest and provides an opportunity to support this important conservation exercise.

Amorgos - the Secret Jewel of the Cyclades - This page, which has featured on this site for several years, has recently been updated.  The owner is a tour operator based on the island, operating mainly walking and special interest tours but (I am assured) boasting a knowledge of numerous beaches suitable for naturism.

Greek Islands according to Rune Alnervik A very personal site about Greece with lots of impressions especially of the Cyclades and Dodecanese, including information about nude beaches there. Very professionally put together.

Ostraco's Plakias page, a rapidly expanding site dedicated to the Southern Crete resort, created by a regular visitor who evidently has great affection for the place.

Holiday Photo Site, a web site with an extensive section about the Greek Islands where you can share photos with a view to choosing your holiday destination.

Greek naturist accommodation

Vritomartis Hotel - naturist hotel in south-western Crete.  Read Barefooters' reports of staying there here.

Vasaliki Naturist Club (also known as Vigla Natura) in Kephalonia, due to open in 2007.  The advertising blurb asks, "Why not cast away your cares (and clothes) for a life-affirming visit to experience your very own slice of paradise?"

Fig Leaf Villas - a new naturist-friendly resort in the Peloponnese, with its own pool, 1.5 km from the sea where there are suitable beaches for naturism.  It looks stunning on the web site.  The webmasters say: "Feel free to wander around naked and relax in the beautiful secluded gardens."  The web site also includes a guide to the nearby beaches.

Villa Atreides Villa offering naturist accommodation in Corfu.  The future of this resort is uncertain, however, as it is currently for sale.

Skiathos Naturist - a link to an attractive, naturist-friendly studio in Skiathos - with a guide to the island and its beaches

Greek Naturist web sites

This is a mixture of general, personal and commercial sites.

Nude beaches in Greece - part of the guide to Greece for visitors.

How to visit a nude beach in Greece - The Captain's advice: 1. Find a suitable beach. 2. Take off your clothes. 3. Er ... 4. That's it. Not enough? Well the people at have put together some guidance aimed at first-timers - it even specifies "difficulty level - average; time required, 2 hours." The Captain's rating: difficulty level - 0, time required - as long as possible, preferably at least 2 weeks!

Happy Nature - a poetic naturist web site - beautifully done. Huge numbers of photos accompanied by poems, some by Isabelle herself - here's an example of the flavour:  "Dancing with the sun, Feeling the sun's tender bite all over my naked skin."

Naturism in Crete, part of the extensive Visit West Crete web site which offers a Crete holiday guide featuring unspoilt Crete away from large resorts.

Nude and Nature in Crete, a colourful page with photographs of some naturist beaches in Southern Crete, including features on Gavdos Island.

Naturism in Crete - Part of an "Explore Crete" site created by Cretan islander.

Banana Beach on Skiathos - a web site devoted to this beach and its neighbouring naturist beaches. Now a sophisticated site including features on the people, the "Mayor", stories from the beach - a real beach community web site.

Creation of Pan-Hellenic Association of Nudists - This potentially important event in the development of Greek naturism is marked with a web site.  For the moment it is mostly in Greek only with some translation into English.  But even without Greek you can still get access to photographs of Greek beaches, maps and even a vote on what you would like a Pan-Hellenic association of nudists to achieve.

Other Naturist links

Naturist social networking

iNudisti - The Nudists - an Italian-based networking site which introduces itself thus: iNudisti is the site of a group of normal people, morally responsible, singles, couple or families, that have in common the passion to be naked.  There are forums, information about places to go nude and profiles of members.

UK-based links

British Naturism - The "official" naturist organisation in the UK.

Bare Beaches - site promoting Bare Beaches books, with information about places worldwide where you can go bare

Naked Scotland - The one-stop information site for naturism, nudism or clothes-free opportunities in and around Scotland.

In the Buff - this site aims to promote an understanding of naturism, and create a community of naturists taking naturism into the future, it includes chatrooms and a virtual resort (though you have to pay a small annual fee to gain access to some areas).  The strap line on the home page says it all:  "Have fun, stay naked!"

Peter's Nudist Page - personal web page which opens: "Cheers, and welcome to the good life!"

International links

Wikipedia - Captain Barefoot has made it into Wikipedia as part of a list of "social nudity places in Europe"

Nude FAQs - includes the frequently asked questions page associated with newsgroup rec.nude

Nudist Beaches of the World A Guide to the World's Nudist Beaches with interactive maps, descriptions and beach reports.

The Nude Café - rendezvous here for the freshest nudist ideas, information, inspiration and conversation!

NetNude - a very comprehensive site with lots of features about naturism

H&E Magazine - The old established nudist magazine is still on the Web and has been kind enough to include a link to this site.

"Being and Nakedness" - includes what is claimed to be the most comprehensive list of naturist links. It also includes a page on nudity in Ancient Greece.

Cyber Nude - website designed for promoting the naturist lifestyle (being overhauled when the Captain last visited).  Includes an entertaining list of reasons to be nude

Free Beaches Australia.  Think there are no naturist beaches in Australia?  Think again.

Kent Ashton's huge list of naturist links; unfortunately no longer being updated.

The World of the Nudest Nudist - some people don't feel naked even with no clothes on. This Dutch-based site aims to promote the classical ancient Greek aestethic ideal of a smooth and hairless body.

Loxie and Zoot - Australian naturist comic adventures with a new episode every week. You can even be included yourself if you want!

Clothing Optional British Columbia, a professional-looking site with local and worldwide references

Croatia Naturally Very well constructed site about naturism in Croatia.

Scandinavian Naturist Portal - English-language page primarily about naturist opportunities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway - all of which have, as you might expect, very enlightened attitudes towards beach naturism - if only it were the same here in the UK.

Non-English Language links

Amsterdam Lichtbond, a Dutch naturist society based on a delightful-sounding island near Amsterdam. The site is mainly in Dutch but if you click "International" other languages become available. - Norwegian site which currently includes a feature on going naked on holiday and kindly includes a popular link to this site

Naturist Federation of the Netherlands - Dutch-language site which includes lots of information about naturist opportunities worldwide

Danish Naturists - Danish language site with lots of information about naturism in Denmark and abroad - Hungarian reference site on nudism which includes lots of links

Nude cruises and sailing

Listing of these businesses does not imply endorsement by Cap'n Barefoot.

Mediterranean Dreams - offering clothes-optional holidays in afloat in the Aegean

Nude Yacht Charter in the Greek Islands - offers a professional nude yacht charter and a captain who is a nudist.

M+K Yacht Charters - offers 100% naturist yacht charters in the Ionian Sea.

Nautical Naturist, concentrated on North America, but with links to a couple of Greek based cruises.

Miscellaneous non-naturist links

Society for Barefoot Living I could not resist including this. Naturists may favour tolerance of nudity. Here's a highly sophisticated site dedicated to the merits of going barefoot and promoting wider acceptance of bare feet.

Natural and healthy barefoot activities - Another site about going barefoot, this time promoting the health benefits, including fascinating articles about sensory barefoot parks in Germany and Austria.

Search Engines

This is a list of nudist search engines where this site is known to be listed. - a full featured search engine and directory that launched in December 2002.

Nudist Explorer
Nudist Explorer - a search engine which guarantees "no adult sites".

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