Why go naked?

If you've never tried naturism before, just imagine stepping out of your clothes and feeling the sun warm your whole body as the gentle sea breeze caresses your skin. Then swim in the warm Aegean sea. Afterwards, no clumsy changing behind a towel. And no wet costume to carry or travel in.  Once you've tried it you'll never look back.  Nobody should die without trying skinny-dipping. It's a wonderful feeling, an entirely different experience from swimming in a costume.  And sunbathing without clothes on a beautiful beach is a delightful experience.

Nonetheless, some who have never tried naturism may feel that they would be too embarrassed or ashamed to take off all their clothes in a public place like a beach.  Many first-timers do feel self-conscious for a while. But it always wears off quickly and they come to realise that nothing could be more natural and comfortable than sunbathing and swimming naked.

And that makes practical sense, when you think about it.  A costume doesn't help with swimming - actually it gets in the way.  Nor does it keep you warm on the beach - it just leaves you with white bits.  And the present fashion on many textile beaches that men wear long "swim shorts" that flap damply around the knees when the wearer has been swimming (quite apart from causing drag that is certainly dangerous when swimming) is a strong argument for finding the nearest naturist beach and stripping off altogether.

There's another reason for favouring naturist beaches. Naturists are generally speaking thinking people rather than conformists. Consequently they are generally courteous, respectful and friendly. Naturist beaches are mostly peaceful places, mercifully devoid of "ghetto-blasters", noisy ball games, shouting and screaming and other unpleasant aspects of an increasing number of popular non-naturist beaches. They are ideal places to relax.

For more information about naturism, a good place to start would be the article "What is Naturism", on the British Naturism web site.

Naked in the surf at Ligres


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