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"Thank you, Captain, this is the best vacation we have ever had".
(Unsolicited remarks from one of my many contributors after holidaying in Samos)

Imagine ... lying naked on a lovely sandy beach, the calm sea lapping at your feet, the sun warming your body, while a gentle breeze softly caresses your bare skin.

Then ... floating in the warm sea, feeling nothing but the clear water around you ...

A delightful, natural feeling, enjoyed by increasing numbers of men, women and families in many countries around the world.

With huge numbers of places to go nude, naked or clothes optional (whatever you want to call it), Greece is second to none as a destination where you can enjoy naturism.

The ancient Greeks more or less invented nudism - they practised all their games naked, and carved some wonderful nude statues. The modern Greeks, with their marvellous hospitality, continue this tradition, and are generally wonderfully tolerant of being naked, nude or naturist.

If you'd like to know about places, especially in the Greek Islands, where naked or nude bathing is possible, you've come to the right place.


An interactive tool for the naturist community

Captain Barefoot's Naturist Guide is a Wiki site that allows readers to enter reports and updates on naturist beaches directly. 

We ask only that you join the site; members of the site can edit all islands pages.  This arrangement suceeds the original site, which depended on your Captain editing the site based on reports submitted via the Reports Form or via email.  It should mean that the sites many readers benefit from the most up to date information provided by the naturist community.  Members who are logged on also have access to a printer-friendly version of the site.

These pages depend very much on you, our readers. The Captain spent years assembling these pages, but conditions are changing all the time, and this guide is made possible by the numerous readers who contribute reports on the beaches where they have shed their clothes without giving offence. However, beaches change from year to year and from season to season - even from day to day. So, if you holiday in Greece and have experience of naturist beaches please use this site to pass information to other genuine naturists.  Please let us know what you discover, whether good news or bad. Next year, your successors will thank you.

Everyone who registers should be aware of the Wikidot privacy policy.

The new site is linked seamlessly with this page.  Simply select an island or go to the island index to enter it.

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How to submit beach reports

The Naturist Guide depends on recent information. If you holiday in Greece and have experience of naturist beaches please use the Beach Report Page to pass information to me for adding to the site.

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How to submit Photographs

The Captain is extremely grateful to the many contributors who have provided some wonderful photographs for the site.   Here's how to post photographs.

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More about naturism

Naturism is the practice of going without clothes. In hot weather, on the beach or when swimming, it's far more practical and comfortable than wearing a costume. In fact, some people think swimming costumes are the most uncomfortable garments there are! 

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Nothing in this site is intended to imply or suggest that approval of, or suitability of, any of the below sites is given. The reports that appear on this site are based on the personal experience of contributors. In many areas the situation is changing all the time and no responsibility is accepted should these reports prove no longer to be accurate.

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